Hi, I'm Steph.

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I am a career changer turned software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. I was diagnosed with ADHD last year. What a a relief it was to finally have the validation from a doctor that I do have a different kind of brain!

In hindsight, it seems pretty obvious now that I always had ADHD ...with the multiple career changes, the always misplacing things, and the hyperfocus on niche interests and hobbies.

I left the US and flew to Berlin 9 years ago with 2 suitcases and a 3 month job-seeker visa with the hope of finding a job. I ended up teaching myself how to code, starting a new career, and have worked as a software engineer ever since. I lived in the Netherlands for my first 4 years abroad, but it was inevitable that I would come back to Berlin.

I love camping in rental vans in Iceland, weekend bike camping trips in Brandenburg, living in a Plattenbau, and building weird useless things with arduinos and raspberry pi's.

Want to say hi? Drop me a line at [email protected].