1. How to rent a van and camp in Portugal (& Spain)

    In this guide, I share how I rented a camper in Portugal for a 2-week road trip through Portugal and parts of Spain in Spring 2023.

  2. Weekend getaway from Berlin - a Raus Life cabin review

    I share my review of staying at a Raus Life cabin nestled among farmland and meadows in Saxony Anhalt with my dog and partner over a long weekend.

  3. Traveling with ADHD medications abroad (from Germany)

    ADHD medications are classified as narcotics in most Europe countries. If you live in Germany, you need to go through some extra steps before your trip to safely bring your ADHD meds with you.

  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Solo Travel in Iceland 🇮🇸

    Traveling solo to Iceland can be extremely rewarding if you are a person (especially a woman) that has been interested in traveling internationally or camping alone! Iceland is super safe and if you have a driver's license and aren't afraid of driving on a few gravel roads or one-lane bridges, it's a beautiful country to explore alone.

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